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Let me lick your face facial

21 Jul

This is, by far, one of the best facials recipes in my beauty regimen. I always notice an immediate difference after using it, and the next day – my skin has the most amazing glow to it. Be forewarned, you are going to look ridiculous with it on your face, and will probably get the same raunchy commentary from your significant other about what it looks like, as I did from mine. But it is worth 20 minutes of humiliation for the results!


2 tablespoons pure, raw, honey

3-4 unbuffered aspirin, crushed up

Mix together, smear on your face, and leave it there for 20 minutes. Then wash it off with your favorite cleanser, and voila! Glowing skin!

Me and my friend Annie after I talked her into spreading honey and aspirin on our faces:


Miracle Bikini-line Wonder Potion

20 Jul

Tired of ingrown hairs, bumps, irritation, and the dreaded “grow back itch” that accompany shaving your bikini line? I came across this soothing toner recipe on my beloved Makeup Alley that has everyone RAVING. They are giving it very high ratings and, best of all, it is cheap and has 3 ingredients!

A few reviewers echoed this reviewers observation, ” It does sting a little but goes away very quickly.” So be prepared for it to possibly sting a bit – but hey, totally worth the trade-off if you ask me. They report that when using this after shaving there are no bumps, no irritation, or anything! So here is this miracle wonder potion!

-Pour 5.5 oz 70% isopropyl alcohol in a small bottle
-Drop 18 uncoated aspirin into alcohol
-Shake a little and set aside
-Pour 2.5 oz witch hazel into another small bottle
-Drop 8 uncoated aspirin into witch hazel, shake and set aside
-After the aspirin has dissolved (about 5 minutes), pour the
2 mixtures into an 8 oz bottle or bigger. Sally’s Beauty Supply is a good source.

And let me know what you think!