About “Making fun of meat eaters”

My blog is a judgement-free zone. But it’s not a dig-free zone. I wouldn’t even bother if it weren’t for the fact that carnivores always seem to want to poke fun at the vegetarians; even if we don’t say a word about it first. They were probably the same kids that took milk money from other, less-husky, kids. They are also usually the overweight, red-faced, generally unhealthy, looking ones, funny enough. You know the type, those who we look at and say, “Enjoy your future cancer of the (insert the body part or organ)”, or, “Enjoy your future diabetes”. He who laughs first, dies of coronary disease. I like to call this phenomenon, “Bovine’s revenge”.

And don’t get me wrong, I know some delightful carnivores, such as my husband, who know that it’s just food, and there are more things to a person than what they eat. But then, there are the idiots who feel the need to make the played-out “PETA: people eating tasty animals” joke that we’ve all heard a zillion times. Or make some stupid joke about eating a burger in front of us, or how DELICIOUS meat is. Really? If it were that amazing, we wouldn’t have given it up. I will say this for meat-eaters; they apparently lack originality. So here it is back at them!


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